Thornbury Nursing Services

Product and feature development of Thornbury Nursing Services’ web application.


Product and feature development, IT staff outsourcing


Angular, MongoDB, CSS


Life Science
Web application


Great Britain


  • Improving the UI and UX of an existing web application
  • Creating dynamic registration forms
  • Fully taking over the lead of this project, working with the client’s in-house team


Thornbury Nursing Services requested support to improve the UI and UX of their candidate portal. Cyclad delivered the requested developers on site to become part of and lead Thornbury’s existing team in the UK. The focus of this project was largely on frontend development. Combining technical know-how of Angular, MongoDB, and CSS styling with our exquisite project management skills, we upgraded the web app, created dynamic registration forms, and trained Thornbury’s in-house developers to make future product evolution easier to achieve.


Within three months, we managed to significantly improve the UI and UX of Thornbury’s candidate portal. The web app received a design upgrade and its speed was increased along with its usability. Moreover, Cyclad imparted both technical knowledge and highly effective Scrum skills and practices on Thornbury’s team.

What Cyclad says about the project

Jerzy Gos-Zientek

Front End Engineer

In a short amount of time, we managed to improve Thornbury Nurses’ web app and upgrade its UI. But we’re most proud of the fact that we were able to provide their team with some valuable knowledge transfer. This will help them continuously improve the product at a faster pace than before.

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