Safeguarding Your Business with Cyclad's Cybersecurity Expertise



Safeguarding Your Business with Cyclad's Cybersecurity Expertise

At Cyclad, we are committed to fortifying your organization’s digital fortresses against cyber adversaries. Our expert team’s dedication and knowledge will support you in safeguarding your valuable assets, reputation, and uninterrupted operations. Join hands with us to empower your digital presence with the shield of robust cybersecurity.

Your cybersecurity partner

By choosing our experienced team, you gain comprehensive protection for your digital infrastructure.

We meticulously examine every aspect of your systems and processes to detect and safeguard against potential hacker attacks, ensuring the security of your valuable assets. Our team, holding industry-recognized cybersecurity certifications, guarantees top-quality service, giving you peace of mind and a secure digital environment

Our team conducts an in-depth assessment of your SOC's processes, technologies, and procedures.

We evaluate the efficacy of your threat monitoring, incident response, and security operations management. Our goal is to pinpoint areas for enhancement and optimize your SOC's performance. Our SOC Audit aligns with industry benchmarks and regulatory frameworks such as ISO 27001, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, and SOC 2.

This ensures that your SOC remains compliant with pertinent regulations and adheres to best practices.

In response to the critical need for proactive defense strategies in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, we are proud to offer our comprehensive Penetration Testing services, dedicated to empowering your organization by meticulously identifying vulnerabilities and fortifying your security defenses.

Our expertise encompasses a range of areas:

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Governance & Risk Management

Assuring effective governance and risk management practices to mitigate potential threats.


Ensuring adherence to industry standards and regulations to fortify your cybersecurity stance.

Business Resilience

Equipping your organization to weather unexpected cyber challenges with resilience.


Educate your team to enhance their cyber vigilance and contribute to a secure environment.

SOC Assessment

Enhancing your SOC’s effectiveness by evaluating and optimizing processes, technologies, and procedures in line with key industry standards like ISO 27001 and NIST.

SOAR – Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response

Streamlining incident response processes for swift and effective actions.

SIEM – Security Information and Event Management

Centralizing security data to detect and mitigate threats in real-time.

EDR – Endpoint Detection and Response

Safeguarding endpoints from advanced threats and facilitating swift response.

XDR – Extended Detection and Response

Providing a holistic view of threats across various vectors for better threat detection.

Network Pentesting

Identifying weaknesses in your network architecture to prevent potential breaches.

Web Application Pentesting

Evaluating web applications for vulnerabilities that could be exploited.

Mobile Application Pentesting

Ensuring the security of mobile applications to protect user data.

Wireless Network Pentesting

Detecting vulnerabilities in wireless networks to prevent unauthorized access.

Social Engineering Pentesting

Simulating real-world social engineering attacks to assess employee readiness.

Red Teaming

Conducting full-scale simulated cyber attacks to test and enhance your organization’s overall security posture and response capabilities.

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Michał Kapinos

Head of Cybersecurity Practice

Secure your future with us—partner with our Cybersecurity Practice for proactive defense against the challenges of the digital landscape. Contact: michał

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Head of Sales

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