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1. General provisions

1.1. The following regulations define the terms and conditions of an Internal Bounty Program (the “Program”), organized by Cyclad Sp. z o. o.

1.2. The Internal Bounty Program is addressed to people employed by or cooperating with Cyclad.

1.3. This Program is aimed at all individuals who wish to recommend candidates for the job to Cyclad sp. z o.o. Duration of the scheme: until further notice.

2. Definitions

Capitalized words or expressions used in the regulations shall have the following meaning:

Cyclad – a company called Cyclad Sp. z o. o.[a limited liability company], headquartered in Poland, Warsaw, 48/1 Chłodna Street, entered in the National Court Register under the number: 0000277414, TIN 527-254-14-68.

Referrer – a person employed by or cooperating with Cyclad, who during the duration of the Program sent a CV of a Candidate to the e-mail address indicated in the rules and regulations.

Candidate – a natural person who meets the conditions for participation in the Program. During the Program, the Candidate’s CV was sent by the Referrer to the e-mail address indicated in the rules and regulations.

Recruited Candidate – a person who participates in the Program and is eventually employed by Cyclad to work in its internal structures, or each person cooperating with Cyclad for a Client (KPO) or employed directly by the Client (RPO).

Client – a company that requests a Candidate with a specific profile.

RPO – Recruitment process which involves employing a Candidate directly through Cyclad’s Client, regardless of the form of employment KPO and CBS – employing a Candidate by Cyclad or cooperation of the Candidate with Cyclad involving work on the project at Cyclad’s Client Candidate’s Guarantee Period – a period over which a Recruited Candidate has to be employed by Cyclad or cooperate with Cyclad for a Client’s project (KPO), or a period when a Recruited Candidate is employed by Cyclad’s Client (RPO) or is involved in the internal structures of Cyclad. Candidate’s Guarantee Period shall be valid for 94 days, from the first day of Recruited Candidate’s employment period. Cyclad Database – Cyclad’s internal database of all found, contacted, recruited, or employed Candidates.

3. Conditions for participation in the Program

3.1. The Referrer sends the Candidate a link to the job offer published by Cyclad and then the Candidate, applying for the offer, registers his CV in the HR link system, and indicates the name, surname, and e-mail address of the Referrer.

3.2. The Candidate shall be qualified for the Program if the following conditions are fulfilled:
a) The Candidate is not a current or former employee of Cyclad’s
b) The Candidate is not listed in the Cyclad’s Database or is listed in the database, but in the last 12 months, has not participated in the recruitment process at Cyclad.
c) The Candidate declares that she/he was recommended by a Referrer, by providing his or her name, surname, and e-mail address.
d) During the registration process, the Candidate shall give his/her consent to the processing of his/her data by Cyclad to participate in the future recruitment processes. Cyclad shall also allow the CV of a recommended Candidate to be sent via traditional e-mail to the address of the person conducting the recruitment process on behalf of Cyclad, which does not exempt the Candidate nor the Referrer from other requirements of the recommendation process contained in these regulations.

3.3. All Recommendations shall expire after the lapse of 6 months from the moment of acceptance of a Candidate for the Program or when the recruitment processes have been completed, except for situations where the recruitment process of the Candidate is still in progress after 6 months.

3.4. The Referrer is entitled to receive a bonus from the Program if all the following conditions are fulfilled: a) The Candidate has been registered in the Cyclad Database in a dedicated recruitment process. b) The Candidate is finally employed by Cyclad to work in its internal structures or shall be involved in a Client’s project (KPO), or is employed directly by a Client (RPO). c) The Recruited Candidate has seen through a full Guarantee Period of 95 days.

3.5 The Candidate can be recommended by only one Referrer. If a Candidate is recommended by more than one person, then the order in which the recommendation was made shall be decisive.

4. Amount of bonuses

4.1 The Referral Bonus depends on the position for which the Candidate was qualified after the Cyclad recruitment process.

4.2 The Candidate profiles are established at the following levels: Level Profile Example 1 Junior Helpdesk, System monitoring, Junior Programmer, Junior Administrator, Recruited profiles in the internal structures of Cyclad in the sections: Administration, Recruitment, Accounts, HR, Sales/Service delivery 2 Specialist System Administrator, Engineer, Developer, Programmer, IT Consultant 3 Expert Software Architect, Project Manager, Senior IT Consultant Level Profile Bonus (PLN net) 1 Junior 1500 2 Specialist 2000 3 Expert 3000

4.3 In exceptional cases the amount of the bonus may be changed by the Account Manager, Delivery Manager, or Cyclad’s Top Management member at the beginning of the recruitment process by posting information (a note) in an email/advertisement/website.

5. Bounty payment rules

5.1. Bonus shall be paid based on a relevant civil-law contract concluded between Cyclad and the Referral.

5.2. Cyclad shall inform the Referrer of the Candidate’s employment via e-mail.

5.3. The Referrer is obliged to send to Cyclad, to the return address, personal data necessary for the preparation of the contract and the payment of the bonus, within 5 days from receiving the information about granting the bonus.

5.4. Bounty shall be paid after the entire Candidate’s Guarantee Period. If the Recruited Candidate fails to complete the full Guarantee Period, the bonus will not be credited.

5.5. The employment bonus for the Candidate will be paid to the Referrer within 30 days of the end of the Candidate Guarantee Period.

5.6. In justified cases, Cyclad might decide to pay bounties at a later date. 5.7. Cyclad shall allow the possibility of payment based on issuing a VAT invoice, payable within 30 days, by the Referrer for the amount of bonus expressed in the table increased by current VAT.

6. Final provisions

6.1. These Rules and Regulations are the exclusive basis for using the Program.

6.2. Terms and Conditions of the Bounty Program were established for an undefined period and may be modified by Cyclad.

6.3. Any modifications to the Terms and Conditions have to be made in writing, in the same manner as when establishing the said terms.

6.4. By joining the Program, the Referrer confirms that she/he becomes acquainted with the provisions of the Rules and Regulations and agrees to their content.

6.5. Any disputes or cases not regulated herein shall be settled by Cyclad.

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