Streamlining Global Travel Management with Cytric for ATPI

Delivering Excellence: A Rapid Cytric Travel Implementation Across 6 Countries


ATPI Travel Management Company


Project Management and Implementation






  • Creating the system for a multinational corporation spanning 6 countries
  • Rolling out Cytric Travel with different agency setups per country
  • Dealing with an extremely tight timeline: 5 weeks from the engagement to comprehensive customer end-to-end testing


ATPI sought a capable partner to spearhead the Cytric Travel implementation, navigating the intricate landscape of varied agency setups across the six countries. Cyclad, driven by a commitment to excellence, embraced the challenge with unwavering confidence, assured of delivering a tailored online solution within the stipulated timeframe. In collaboration with ATPI, Cyclad orchestrated a flawless rollout, ensuring simultaneous integration across six countries. The scope was vast and intricate, spanning bi-directional profile synchronization from HR Feed to the agency to Cytric, GDS, and Dynaweb content integration, rail integration, two distinct travel policy setups, and a fully integrated offline and online system.


Working hand in hand with ATPI colleagues, Cyclad executed the project seamlessly, adhering to the agreed timelines. In just six weeks, all six countries went live with the integrated Cytric Travel solution. The achievement included bi-directional profile synchronization, comprehensive GDS and Dynaweb content integration, streamlined rail integration, and well-defined travel policy setups. The transition seamlessly integrated offline and online systems, showcasing the efficacy and expertise of Cyclad's implementation team.

What Clients says about the project

Jenny Thornton

Director of Digital Services at ATPI

ATPI recently worked with Cyclad to implement a new, large customer onto Cytric in 6 different markets. The added challenge was the timescale – we had a much tighter-than-usual lead-in time with only 6 weeks to get everything up and running. Cyclad rose to the challenge – they were collaborative, and efficient and delivered the project on time, also insisting they complete an aftercare period for us too, to ensure all was running smoothly for the customer at go live. The team was great to work with, knowledgeable about the product, really responsive, and most importantly flexible with the ever-changing requirements. I thoroughly recommend their services and ATPI looks forward to working with Cyclad on further projects in the future. Visit:

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