French market leader in multi-brand gift cards


Migration, integration, web and app development


Magento 2, Cordova


Web application




  • UI and UX upgrade of Illicado’s e-commerce website and app.
  • Migrating Illicado’s e-commerce website to Magento 2
  • Developing bulk purchasing features
  • Integrating external platforms like Amazon
  • Developing a native app with geolocation and barcode scanner
  • Increasing the security of both the website and the app


French market leader in multi-brand gift cards, Illicado, partnered with Cyclad to upgrade their e-commerce website and develop a new native app. This product evolution was needed to increase performance and cater to a new market of B2B clients. Since the company sells cards with cash value, security enhancements were also required. Despite the complexity of the technology and the amount of data involved, Cyclad successfully migrated the backend of the site from Magento 1 to Magento 2, improved the quality of the code, upgraded the UI and UX design, enabled various API integrations and third-party payment, and increased the security. Cyclad als developed a native app with geolocation of physical stores and a barcode scanner to read the gift cards.


Illicado’s gift card solutions received a staggering 92% customer satisfaction rating. But the core objectives were to increase performance and expand into new markets. After a successful migration and UI upgrade, the web application was faster and could convert more customers. Because their clients were now able to buy large quantities of gift cards with just a few clicks via one form, Illicado was able to successfully enter the B2B market and increase their profit margin. Their sales increased by 30% after the launch.

What Cyclad says about the project

Jerzy Gos-Zientek

Front End Engineer

The scope of this project enabled us to bring our various expertises together and create a solid, comprehensive solution that is both technically advanced and already proven to be of great commercial value.

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