Bonne Maman

French leading brand of jam, desserts, and more confections owned by Andros.


Online gamification project


Magento 2, Front-end design


Web application




  • Web responsive UI design of a gaming module and animated landing pages on Bonne Maman’s Magento 2 ecommerce website.
  • Technical and UI design of an interactive gaming module
  • Generate and issue coupons for game participants
  • Create unique animations for landing pages on Magento 2
  • Web responsive design
  • Database and full stack integration


Bonne Maman’s ecommerce website was already successfully running on Magento 2 but the brand needed help designing and building event specific landing pages for their Christmas campaign. With Cyclad’s solution – which included several backend improvements – Bonne Maman was able to launch fast, uniquely animated, responsive landing pages, and generate and issue coupons for each validated participant in their online competition.


The visual results of the landing pages were stunning with creative, fun, and surprising animations that also included sound effects. In line with Bonne Maman’s expectations, the pages were both visually attractive and fruitful: the online campaign led to a 70% increase of newsletter subscriptions.

What Cyclad says about the project

Tomasz Wojciechowski

Software Developer

Combining strong UI design with various backend improvements by our CTO proved effective. We managed to create heavily animated, interactive web pages that were both fast and converted visitors incredibly well.

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